Self famils huge success for Niue

Niue's self famil programme for retail agents and wholesalers has had a 100% positive feedback rate, according to Niue Tourism's senior tourism development manager Hayden Porter. 'We've had 70 agents through in the last year and its been unbelievable to the point that agents are coming back at their own expense,' say Porter.

Infrastructure development to the tune of $1m continues to roll out complementing the half million dollar visitor centre that was built last year. Walking tracks, picnic tables, public toilets, village and wharf beautification are all aimed at improving the visitor experience in Niue.

Porter and his colleague Vanessa Marsh were flying the Niue flag in New Zealand recently, including on Auckland's Waitemata Harbour when the Volvo ocean yachts were preparing for their southern ocean leg. Above, from left, Vanessa Marsh, Niue Tourism and Suzie Williams from Hogan & Associates prepare uga (coconut crab) for lunch.

Shelly Gutry, Our Pacific, tries her hand at cracking the uga crab shell while Gareth Waddington, GO Holidays looks on Melissa Bramley, Infinity; Mandy Veale, Mondo and Wayne Deed, GO Holidays set out for a day on the harbour with Niue Tourism Perfect day for a cruise: back row, from left, Gareth Waddington, GO Holidays; Suzie Williams, Hogan & Associates; Melissa Bramley, Infinity; Paul Rush, freelance travel writer; Hayden Porter, Niue Tourism. Front row, Alyssa Field, Stella; Mandy Veale, Mondo; Mike Hogan, Hogan & Associates; Kevin Blackford, Travel Memo and Mike Geary, House of Travel

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