Bonjour to PCOs in Noumea

Wanting to showcase a taste of France in the Pacific, New Caledonia Tourism, in conjunction with Aircalin invited six PCOs to experience some of the delights of New Caledonia. Escorted by Simon Duffy, New Caledonia Tourism and Angela Hallett, Aircalin, the group's itinerary promises three days of 'getting to know' Noumea, with French food and wine, luxury accommodation, a Segway adventure combined with sun and snorkeling.

Local performers welcomed the group of PCOs as they arrived at Tontouta International Airport, New Caledonia. Next stop Escapade Island Resort for a night in the luxurious overwater bungalows for Simon Duffy, New Caledonia Tourism; Milynne Garcia, Orbit AKL; Hayley McIntyre, Orbi, Wellington; Angela Hallett, Aircalin; Jo Boyd, Williment Travel; Rachael Hawkey, APX Groups; Winnie Fong, GO Conference and Mark Ferguson cievents

Seat belt - check; Champagne – check. Rachael Hawkey, APX Groups and Jo Boyd, Williment Travel prepare for the Aircalin flight with to Noumea as they embark on a four day PCO famil to New Caledonia

Seated in business class on Aircalin SB411 is Hayley McIntyre, Orbit Travel, Wellington and Milynne Garcia, Orbit AKL

On the boat transfer to Escapade Island Resort, Noumea, Simon Duffy, New Caledonia Tourism and Mark Ferguson cievents felt the time was right to wear matching shirts. The style police will be watching for more matching outfits over the coming days

Angela Hallett, Aircalin does the Jailhouse Rock with Elvis, the entertainer at Escapade Island Resort,

...while the rest of the PCOs put on their 'Blue Suede Shoes

and 'Hound Dog', Simon Duffy, New Caledonia Tourism rocked it

Setting off on a site inspection of Escapade Island Resort, Milynne Garcia, Orbit AKL; Winnie Fong, GO Conference; Hayley McIntyre, Orbit Travel WLG; Jo Boyd, Williment Travel; Angela Hallett, Aircalin; Mark Ferguson cievents; Rachael Hawkey, APX Groups; Julie Cassin, GLP Hotels and Simon Duffy, New Caledonia Tourism

Escapade Island Resort overwater bungalows, where the PCOs spent one night of the famil while in New Caledonia

It was a hard thing to do, but we all had to leave and press on to the rest of the famil

Angela Hallett, Aircalin and Simon Duffy, New Caledonia Tourism take charge of the towels for the day’s activities around Noumea. First stop is the local market, then the zoological and botanical garden for a Segway encounter

Destination management company, Arc en Ciel provided the transport during the famil and guide Armstrong Garo was happy to share his local knowledge with Jo Boyd, Williment Travel and Hayley McIntyre, Orbit Travel WLG

Purchases were made at the local market by Mark Ferguson civets - merci beaucoup

Hayley McIntyre, Orbit Travel WLG; Mark Ferguson cievents; Rachael Hawkey, APX Groups and Jo Boyd, Williment Travel sample the coffee at the Noumea market

Winnie and friends – ‘this looks like a tasty dinner’, says Winnie Fong, GO Conference of the rather large crabs at the Noumea fish market

Milynne Garcia, Orbit AKL takes in the view of the Tjibaou Cultural Centre... Then she meet up with the rest of the team in one of the traditional buildings within the grounds of the cultural centre

This is funny - yes sorry guys but it is. What can we say - Hayley McIntyre, Orbit Travel WLG; Milynne Garcia, Orbit AKL and Angela Hallett, Aircalin - the picture says it all. (Taken at the Noumea Maritime Museum) It's Segway time at the zoo. Milynne Garcia, Orbit AKL, getting instruction While Rachael Hawkey, APX Groups works on her stopping
Jo Boyd, Williment Travel has got it as does Mark Ferguson cievents Training track for the team before they are let loose into the zoo grounds
Le Meridien Noumea surprised the PCOs with a transfer to Amedee Lighthouse by private launch.

Hayley McIntyre, Orbit Wellington; Milynne Garcia, Orbit AKL; Rachael Hawkey, APX Groups and Jo Boyd, Williment Travel onboard the launch and do agree it is a very comfortable way to travel

As do Suzanne Kenyon, New Cal Events; Simon Duffy, New Caledonia Tourism Angela Hallett, Aircalin

Once on the island, the PCOs were treated to a massage and Mark Ferguson civets is feeling really relaxed after the hard work he has been doing But then it was back to work for Mark who decided to audition as one of the polynesian dancers Not too sure if he will make the cut to be perfectly honest

After lunch and the entertainment, a surprise was in store for the PCOs in the shape of a big yellow bird...

TRAVELinc's Ruth Scott went alone for the helicopter ride..

Rachael Hawkey, APX Groups and Simon Duffy, New Caledonia Tourism look slightly shell shocked, but reckon it was an an amazing experience to be flown across the reefs around Amedee Island

and this was the view...
Back on dry land, Le Meridien Noumea set the place alive with a Can Can performance. Everyone tried to kick up their heels and get their legs above their heads, but alas not even Simon Duffy and Jo Boyd could match the skill of the supple can can dancers But they all gave it a go Stephane Brun, Hotel Tieti and Nellye Kamouda, Northern Province, attended the farewell dinner at Le Meridien Noumea

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