Gavin Tollman, Trafalgar CEO Gavin Tollman, Trafalgar CEO

Trafalgar boss: ‘Visa process should not detract from NZ to SA travel’

While visa complications for New Zealanders travelling to South Africa have come at an unfortunate time in terms of Trafalgar’s Africa portfolio launch, they should not deter agents from promoting and selling the destination, says the company’s CEO.


Gavin Tollman says visa restrictions and other security related and border complications come and go. ‘But ultimately that does not change where you are going and the amazing experiences you have when you are there – that’s particularly true for a destination like Africa. ‘This is an opportunity for new Zealanders to go and discover the real South Africa and Africa. What ever road blips they have to get over, it won’t detract from what they get out of the experience.’ He says the interactions that government have with the tourism and travel sector is ‘the frustrating part of what we do’ and says there remains a need for the industry to speak as a united front on such issues. ‘Tourism represents 10.4% of the Global GDP and it is the fastest growing sector in all industries, responsible for well over 300 million jobs globally. But we are so fractured as an industry that we do not speak as one voice.’  See related stories here.

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