Buddymoons on the rise

Buddymoons on the rise

Extraordinary Journeys has put together a shortlist of getaways in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, and Seychelles to accommodate the ‘buddymoons’.

Designed as a honeymoon for newlyweds and their closest friends, ‘buddymoons’ are shared experiences instead of seclusion and round-the-clock romance.

To cater to this growing custom, Extraordinary Journeys has identified seven exclusive-use villas, lodges, and a private island where shared accommodations and experiences are the highlights of the trip.

1. Arijiju, Kenya (capacity: five couples)

2. Laragai House, Kenya (capacity: up to 16 individuals)

3. Thanda Private Island, Tanzania (capacity: 10 guests)

4. Singita Serengeti House, Tanzania (capacity: eight guests) Leobo Private Game Reserve, South Africa

5. Tanda Tula Field Camp, South Africa (capacity: eight guests)

6. Singita Castleton, South Africa (capacity: 10 guests)

7. Leobo Private Game Reserve, South Africa (capacity: 20 guests)

8. North Island, Seychelles (capacity: 22 guests)