Midday Travel's Evelyn Lee Midday Travel's Evelyn Lee

Princess Cruises' new training

Princess Cruises has released a new interactive agent engagement series to better connect with their trade partners called MIMOSAS – Medallionised Interactive Modules OnDemand for Short Attention Spans.

Built to supplement Princess’ Academy Training Program, MIMOSAS presentations can be done in as little as eight minutes, with viewers able to navigate through the presentations to get the content that is relevant to them.

Evelyn Lee, managing director New Zealand’s Midday Travel has completed her MIMOSAS training and says the quiz is touchless, efficient, and on-demand.

Meantime, Princess Cruises will establish a new national manager position in New Zealand as part of strategic changes to its sales function to support agents across Australasia. Belinda Clark continues to work for Carnival NZ and now oversees Cunard and P&O.

Princess has also invested in tools to help its partners manage the complex process of cancellations and refunds and to identify and target their clients with open Future Cruise Credits.


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