Lisa Pile, with the latest Regent Seven Seas Cruises brochure Lisa Pile, with the latest Regent Seven Seas Cruises brochure

RSS: ‘We’re in NZ to stay’

Releasing cruise itineraries to the New Zealand and Australian markets four years in advance is one way Regent Seven Seas Cruises is demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the region.


Lisa Pile, vice president sales, Australia & New Zealand Regent Seven Seas was in New Zealand this week. She says Kiwis like to book their cruise two years in advance, Australians 18 months out, so it is beneficial in this market to have the 2018, 19, 20 and 21 sailings accessible to the trade and clients. Pile says that New Zealand punches above its weight when it comes to cruising in general and with Regent Seven Seas.


‘Kiwis are our eighth largest market and now that we have someone in the market here (Alan Wilcock) the world’s our oyster. We’re absolutely here to stay. ‘Like Australia, New Zealand has that tyranny of distance so we find that it is not unusual for them to go away for a long holiday.’ She says the average age of New Zealand cruisers is 52, and while it is higher than that with Regent Seven Seas (63) it is heading downwards. ‘Obviously that is itinerary dependent.’ Pile says the Kiwi market sails with Regent Seven Seas for 14 nights on average.