Nick Guthrey Nick Guthrey

ANZCRO Connect – NZ and OZ

ANZCRO Connect has already generated considerable interest amongst the trade in New Zealand but this is set to increase with the current focus on domestic and, as a next step, trans Tasman travel, says the company’s managing director Nick Guthrey.

The specially designed agents’ portal allows travel agents to search, quote and book all of ANZCRO’s product from one platform. It can also be used to create an entire New Zealand itinerary.

‘Another key part of the site is the travel agents’ resources section,’ says Guthrey. ‘This gives travel agents access to flyers, social media tiles, brochures and more. We are constantly being asked for additional package ideas and information on products that can get customers excited about domestic and then later trans Tasman. ANZCRO Connect is purely New Zealand and Australia product and it’s New Zealand-made software – the key development team is based in Christchurch.

‘The platform is ready to go for agents looking for ideas and inspiration on how they can sell more New Zealand holidays. Our ski product is in there, so it is a place that agents can use to immediately to look for ski holidays.

‘We’ll also be providing more content through our Facebook community to progressively provide more ideas and assistance to travel agents.’

Meantime, New Zealand agents can expect to see an increased emphasis on the company’s ability to provide Australian product and experiences.

‘We have been selling Australia for 10 years but we are about to launch our latest Australia book to the New Zealand market. Agents will be able to search, quote and book ANZCRO’s Australian product just like they would the domestic offerings.’

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