Dean Cooper Dean Cooper

Diverse dish of fishing experiences

From ‘sight fishing’ for brown trout in the wilds of Tasmania to dropping a line in Sydney Harbour, Australia’s diversity of fishing options is a key to the sector’s success, says Dean Cooper, Great Fishing Adventures of Australia.
Great Fishing Adventures is one of Tourism Australia’s Signature Experience series and Cooper says the key is to be on the water with someone who is passionate about their region.

While the catch is sometimes kept for personal consumption and used for dinner, all of the operators in the programme sign a catch and release policy.
‘Most of the anglers who use these operators are about spotlighting – chasing a particular species. And Australia often has healthier and larger fish than most other destinations.
‘It’s also about the guide and about the outdoor environment.’
He says the selection of Great Fishing Adventures includes multi-day experiences for dedicated anglers, but also more casual options on day trips.
‘A family might want a day fishing experience out of Cairns, or a client may want to fish next to the Opera House. You don’t have to be remote to have an amazing experience.’

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