Nicole Mitchell Nicole Mitchell

Aboriginal experiences

Aboriginal experiences have an increasing role to play in Australia’s luxury travel sector, delegates at Luxperience conference and exhibition in Sydney are hearing this week.


Nicole Mitchell, global project executive, experiences with Tourism Australia, says the modern luxury traveller is looking for a connection to country, to place and to people. She says that is what the 38 businesses and 130 different experiences in the Discover Aboriginal Experiences Collective provide. ‘These are all small group experiences, all guided by Aboriginals,’ says Mitchell. She adds that the options range from urban and rural walks, dot painting workshops, kayaking, meeting families and many more. ‘But they all must meet certain criteria and must be owned by Aboriginals or work with a community in an environmentally sustainable manner.’


Mitchell says the experiences satisfy changing needs and trends of luxury travel (which were also emphasised by other presenters and exhibitors at Luxperience). ‘These are extremely high quality, authentic experiences. It is not just about coming to a country and learning about culture. It is about flavouring the itineraries with personal experiences and that is what the luxury traveller is after.’ She adds that bragging rights can also be gained by such itineraries. ‘An Aboriginal guide can often get you into places that you wouldn’t normally reach.’ Discover Aboriginal Experiences is one of Tourism Australia’s Signature Experiences.

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