Air NZ's 'cool' new vid

Air NZ's 'cool' new vid

Air New Zealand’s latest safety video is shining a spotlight on Antarctica, showcasing the important climate and environmental science underway there.

Building on NZ’s long-standing partnership with Antarctica New Zealand and the New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute, the video sees Hollywood actor, lmmaker and environmentalist Adrian Grenier, team up with Scott Base scientists to track penguin populations, study ice core samples and visit early explorer Ernest Shackleton’s

hut and the vast Dry Valleys.

To minimise the environmental impact of lming, a total crew of just six travelled to Antarctica, with Scott Base scientists and sta doubling as supporting talent in the safety video.

The airline has also released television and online content, providing a more in-depth look at Antarctica and the work being done there.

The safety video is available to view online here and is now being rolled out across NZ’s international and domestic eet.