Pick your place in South America Featured

To get the most of a trip to South America, focus on one particular region or country per trip.

Then return again and again to visit different places. That was the message from Eclipse Travel’s Rosemary McNoe to Christchurch agents last week, at an event co-hosted by Air New Zealand and Belmond. ‘Do your research and pick a destination,’ advises McNoe. ‘There

are big distances to cover and there is no train network between countries. ‘Argentina’s Buenos Aires is a city of 14 million people,’ says McNoe. ‘I advise people to stay four or five days or even a week – there is so much to do, including a day trip to Uruguay’s World Heritage city of Colonia.’

In the Galapagos McNoe advises that clients opt for a seven-night cruise if time allows. ‘You can’t get more for wildlife, it’s wildlife heaven.’ Peru’s Machu Picchu is a victim of its own success, says McNoe. ‘There’s restricted numbers, you need a permit, and you need to book ahead. But there are a lot of other places – Chan Chan is the largest prehistoric ruins in South America, or there’s the white city of Arequipa with its volcano, market square and the Santa Catalina Monastery.’