Conditions of Advertising Acceptance

Publisher's confirmation will be sent for verbal orders. Consequent lack of communication prior to copy deadline will be taken as binding confirmation by the advertiser.

Contract advertising
In cases where actual space taken for the period falls below the contracted volume, the publisher will surcharge all space taken at the appropriate rate.

Cancellation of space
Cancellations after the first of the month of publication will incur a late cancellation fee.

The placement of an advertisement for other than preferred positions is at the publisher's absolute discretion. Whilst every care is taken, the publisher will not accept liability for any loss whatsoever incurred through error or non-appearance of an advertisement.

Taxes and levies
Any government or industry (including GST) taxes and/or levies are additional to the rates shown on the Advertising Rates sheet.

Rate protection
The publisher reserves the right to make revision in advertising rates at any time. Contract advertisers will receive rate protection. New rates will apply to contracts three months after effective date of increase. Casual advertisers' rates will increase immediately.

Advertising material
All material should be delivered to the publisher without expense to the publisher. Any costs incurred in securing material, ie toll calls, freight etc, will be charged by the publisher. Material is held at the advertiser's risk and is not insured by the publisher. Material is only held for one year but can be returned on request.

Accounts for advertising space and production are payable on the publication of the issue, due date is 20th of the month after publication.

We reserve the right to recover from you all costs and/or expenses incurred in instructing a solicitor or debt collection agency to recover and amount overdue for payment.

Advertising agents and advertisers (their clients) are jointly and severally liable for costs of advertising placed in this journal.

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